Freycinet Lodge is located within Freycinet National Park on Tasmania’s east coast.

We are a two and a half hour drive from Hobart and two hours from Launceston. 

We are just inside the Freycinet National Park boundary, so you will need a Tasmanian National Parks Pass if you are staying at Freycinet Lodge. You do not need a parks pass if you just visiting the Lodge during the day and do not wish to use park tracks. Park passes can be arranged upon arrival at the Lodge or at the Freycinet National Park Visitor Centre.

Mailing address: Freycinet Lodge, Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay TAS 7215

Flying to Tasmania

Australia's major airlines fly daily into Hobart and Launceston from most capital cities. Flights are approximately 60 minutes’ duration from Melbourne, and approximately 105 minutes’ flying time from Sydney.

Sailing Bass Strait

The Spirit of Tasmania sails daily between Melbourne and Devonport. You can bring your own vehicle on the Spirit, or hire cars are also available from the Spirit of Tasmania terminal. Driving time from Devonport to Freycinet is approximately 3¼ hours. 

Car Hire

There are no hire cars available in Coles Bay or Freycinet National Park, however a wide range of hire car companies operate in Hobart, Launceston and regional centres throughout Tasmania. View map and directions using Google Maps.

From Hobart

Cross the Tasman Bridge and take the Tasman Highway to Sorell. Turn left at Sorell and follow the highway north. Continue approximately 34km past Swansea until you reach the Freycinet junction. Freycinet Lodge is approximately 28km from the junction, just past the township of Coles Bay.

From Launceston

Take the Midland Highway and travel south towards Hobart. Approximately 70km from Launceston turn left onto Montagu Street at Campbell Town and follow Lake Leake Highway until you reach the Tasman Highway. Continue south through Bicheno and on to the Freycinet junction.

Alternatively, take the Tasman Highway from Launceston through Scottsdale until you reach St Helens on Tasmania’s east coast. Continue south through Bicheno and on to the Freycinet junction. 

Local flights

Internal flights are available in Tasmania with a number of local operators. The closest airstrip to Freycinet National Park is Friendly Beaches (YFRI), which is a 15 minute drive from Freycinet Lodge. Click here for our Fly and Drive packages.   

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Your 4-day guide to Freycinet

Located on the East Coast of Tasmania, you’ll find your slice of paradise in Freycinet National Park. Surrounded by rugged coastlines, pristine beaches and stunning granite peaks, travellers are set for a truly unforgettable experience right in the heart of nature’s oasis.  

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Exploring Freycinet's ‘Squeaky’ Clean Beaches

The beaches on Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania are unsurpassable. Set against the pink-tinted beauty of the Hazards mountain range, the clear waters of the Tasman Sea break against impossibly wide stretches of sand. The fine quartz sand on some of these beaches squeaks underfoot due to its purity with no foreign matter mixed in.

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Close up on the grass on the beach near the Freycinet Lodge
Bird's Eye View | Explore Stunning Freycinet By Air

There are so many things to do in Freycinet that holiday-makers are spoilt for choice. With stunning beaches, waterfalls, a pink granite mountain range, rainforests and islands to see, most visitors find that they do not have time to fully appreciate one of the world’s most beautiful places. Many of the best sights are quite remote requiring a boat or an extended hiking trip to reach them. For this reason, tourists find that a scenic flight gives them a relaxing, bird’s eye perspective of the entire area.

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Hazards mountain range with the Bay at Freycinet Lodge
Fishing at Freycinet

One of the most scenic and abundant fishing areas on Tasmania’s east coast is the Great Oyster Bay and Freycinet Peninsula. Flathead and seasonal squid are the prime targets; however, trevally, trumpeter, Australian salmon, mackerel, cod, shark, barracouta, bream, flounder and Australian salmon are also commonly caught.

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A boat parked on the beach near the Freycinet Lodge
Number One Road Trip: Experience Tasmania's Great Eastern Drive

The Great Eastern Drive has been named the best road trip by Australian Traveller magazine. Stretching from Orford near Hobart to St. Helens in the north, you can follow endless kilometres of sparkling ocean, stopping at laid-back little towns along the way. Whether you are seeking adventure, gourmet foods, indulgent hideaways, pure relaxation or a mixture of the four, the Great Eastern Drive can offer all these and more.

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Couple on a walk near the beach at Freycinet Lodge
Sweet treats for a good cause

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our high tea in support of the Cancer Council.

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Close up on a dessert plate served at Freycinet Lodge
Great Eastern Wine Week

It’s time to celebrate Tassie wine! This year’s Great Eastern Wine Week will span over 11 days and feature 50 events across our beautiful region.

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Two women near a wine station at Freycinet Lodge
Freycinet Lodge on the 2020 Gold List

We’re so proud to have been included in the 2020 Star Ratings Australia Gold List for accommodation providers in Tasmania.

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Gold List of Australian Accommodation 2020 for Freycinet Lodge
Elopements in Tasmania

Eloping – a word once used to refer to a sudden and secretive wedding usually involving a hurried flight, has found a new meaning to suit modern times: a simple and personal wedding in perfect solitude or with a scattering of your nearest and dearest.

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Outdoor Wedding ceremony on the beach at Freycinet Lodge
4 East Coast Wineries to Visit While Staying at Freycinet Lodge

The East Coast Wine Trail is an experience in itself with premium cool-climate wines, unique cellar doors, and all with stories to tell.  As a wine region known for its crisp air, rolling pastoral vistas, unique cellar door experiences and delicious, diverse wines varieties, it’s no wonder wine experts and lovers alike are travelling from afar for the Tassie wine experience.

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Landscape view of east coast vineyard near Freycinet Lodge
Why Your Soul Needs To Recharge In A Stunning Coastal Pavilion

Whether you’re hoping to reconnect with each other, reconnect with nature or reconnect with yourself, Freycinet Lodge’s Coastal Pavilions will provide you with the perfect setting to do so.

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Living area in Coastal Pavilion Bay at Freycinet Lodge
Beaker Street announces Sci Art Walks, audio-escapes for a pandemic

To celebrate National Science Week 2020, Beaker Street is launching their exciting new winter project - Sci Art Walks. It is a unique collection of audio art that immerses listeners in Tasmanian wilderness. It features unscripted talks and originally composed local music from a prominent lineup of locals including MONA founder David Walsh, mathematician Professor Barbara Holland and musician Brian Ritchie.

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Man playing a double bass violin at Freycinet Lodge
7 Things You Can Do All Year Round at Freycinet Lodge

From beautiful beaches and a pristine national park, to delicious produce and fun-filled activities – Freycinet Peninsula is a fantastic place to visit during all seasons. Here are 7 activities that can be enjoyed all year round:

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E-Bike Hire at Freycinet Lodge

We are excited to announce that E-bikes are now available for hire at Freycinet Lodge, with support from the team at Roll Cycles. For those who do not know an e-bike (also called booster bike or power bike) provides battery powered pedaling support, which enable riders to travel faster with less effort. It’s a win-win situation! Rental includes a bike, helmet, small backpack, spare tube, tools and advice on where to ride. All you need to bring is yourself and a water bottle.

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Couple riding bikes on a trail at Freycinet Lodge
Star Ratings Australia - 2019 Gold List Achiever

We’re very proud to have been awarded a place on Star Ratings Australia’s 2019 Gold List.  The good news came a week ago, that we have achieved the highest travellers’ ratings via Star Ratings Australia’s tracking program.  In their words, we’re ‘demonstrating a consistent commitment to exceeding our guests’ expectations’.

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Exterior view at the night in the Freycinet Lodge with bay
Five Great Lunch Stops on Tasmania's East Coast

The east coast of Tasmania is famous for its bright blue waters and deserted beaches. A road trip along this magic coastline is full of stunning views and outdoor activities however it is not just the scenery the east coast is famous for. Home to some of the state’s finest wineries and food producers, plan your lunch stops as you undertake the Great Eastern Drive and sample what Tasmania’s east coast has to offer.

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Dish of a meal at Tasmania's East Coast near Freycinet Lodge
Great Eastern Wine Weekend 2018

The 2018 Great Eastern Wine Weekend ran from the 7th – 9th of September this year, bringing hundreds of visitors to the east coast and selling out ticketed events across the program.

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Solo singer with playing the guitar at Freycinet Lodge
Coastal Pavilions Finalists in Architecture Awards

We are thrilled that the Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge are an international finalist in the World Architecture Festival awards. The Pavilions and their architects Liminal Studio are among 16 finalists from all over the globe, including another Tasmanian project – wukalina Walk in the north-east.

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Exterior view of the Coastal Pavilion at Freycinet Lodge
Freycinet Lodge's Coastal Pavilions

With its pink granite mountains, gorgeous beaches and breathtaking coastline, Freycinet National Park is one of the most incredible places in Tasmania. We were inspired to create a new style of accommodation befitting of its beauty providing an experience for our guests that honored this amazing place. With the help of Tasmanian accommodation entrepreneur Brett Torossi who lead the project, we set about creating environmentally sensitive, architecturally innovative, grounded elegant spaces for our guests on this beautiful site.

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Coastal Pavilion TV & lounge area at Freycinet Lodge
Seared Tasmanian scallops

With celeriac puree, charred leeks and coffee gel

From Trent Thompson, head chef, Freycinet Lodge

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Close up on seared tasmanian scallops dish at Freycinet Lodge
Great Eastern Wine Weekend 2017

Hundreds flocked to the east coast at the weekend to sample some of the region’s finest wines during the annual Great Eastern Wine Weekend.

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People in the Great Eastern Wine Weekend at Freycinet Lodge
Freycinet Wildlife – Devils and Quolls

Tasmanian devils are the world's largest surviving carnivorous marsupial. They grow to around 30 cm high at the shoulder, with large males weighing as much as 12 kg. Devils have a distinctive black coat with variable white markings on the rump and throat. One of the devil’s most outstanding characteristics is its guttural call—a screeching, hissing sound that chilled the blood of early European settlers and inspired the name ‘devil’. In reality, Tasmanian devils are shy, elusive creatures that pose no risk to people.

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Tasmanian Devil in devils sanctuary near Freycinet Lodge
Wildlife – Seals, Whales and Dolphins

The ocean and bays around Freycinet Peninsula support an amazing variety of marine life. In addition to the abundant sea birds and countless fish, incredible marine mammals are frequently encountered here.

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Dolphins swimming near the sea at Freycinet Lodge
Freycinet Lodge History

Freycinet and Coles Bay have been popular holiday destinations since the late 1800s. Prior to the 1930s, the area was largely undeveloped. Early visitors travelled to the peninsula by boat or steamer from Swansea to enjoy bushwalks, picnics, swimming and fishing. One of the first people to settle here was pioneering local Harry Parsons, who retired to the area in the 1920s. In 1934, Harry acquired five hectares of land on what is now the township of Coles Bay— a purchase that marked the beginning of the township.

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Interior view of Hazards Bar & Lounge at Freycinet Lodge
Silas Cole – a Self-Made Man

The township of Coles Bay is named after Silas Cole—an English convict who was transported to Van Diemen’s Land in 1842 as a convicted thief.

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View of a Boat stopped at the coastline at Freycinet Lodge
Short Walks

From Freycinet Lodge, you can easily enjoy a number of short, accessible walks within Freycinet National Park.

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Couple hiking in the woods near Freycinet Lodgev
Pink Granite

One of the most recognisable features of Freycinet National Park is the rugged profile of The Hazards Mountains—a string of pink-hued granite peaks overlooking the township of Coles Bay.

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Pink Granite wall of the hotel at Freycinet Lodge
Longer Walks

If you’re a little more adventurous and are well prepared, you may like to try one of the longer walks within Freycinet National Park. All walks begin in the walking track car park, located approximately 2.5km from the Lodge.

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People on a hike at the mountain near Freycinet Lodge
Freycinet Oysters

Tasmania’s east coast is famous for its fresh, succulent seafood. The oyster—one of the best known and most sought after delicacies of the region—has a history that dates back thousands of years.

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Close up on an Oyster shell at the shaw near Freycinet Lodge
Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park is one of Tasmania’s oldest and best-loved parks. Reserved in 1916, it is one of the first two national parks to be declared in Tasmania, alongside Mt Field National Park.

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Hazards mountain range with the Bay at Freycinet Lodge
Freycinet Flora

More than 500 species of plants have so far been identified within the Freycinet National Park. The Park’s diverse habitats—including coastal sand dunes, dry open forest, woodlands and heaths—all support different plant communities, many of which are a few minutes’ walk from the Lodge.

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Vastly grown Freycinet Flora at Freycinet Lodge
French Freycinet

If history had played out just a little differently, Tasmania may have become a French colony, instead of a British one.

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Hazards mountain range with the Bay at Freycinet Lodge
East Coast Wine

Tasmania’s east coast is known all over the world for its fine cool climate wines. The region’s mild, seasonal climate has made it one of Australia’s premier wine-producing areas, where some of the state’s best winemakers produce exceptional, award-winning wines.

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A bartender serving wine at East Coast Wine in Freycinet Lodge
Bay Whaling at Freycinet

During the early 1800s, whaling became one of the first major export industries in the new colony of Van Diemen’s Land. From the 1820s, shore-based, or bay whaling, stations were established in sheltered bays, close to the migratory paths of the favoured species for hunting—the southern right whale. These huge, slow swimming whales were considered the ‘right’ whales to hunt because they swam close to shore, floated when dead and provided a rich source of oil. Whale oil was in high demand for fuel, and whale bone was used for a range of purposes, including women’s corsets and skirt hoops.

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Hazards mountain range with the Bay at Freycinet Lodge
Love, Passion and Gin

Love and passion are unique and acquired concepts that often bring individuals together.

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Close up on a splined Gin Bottle at Freycinet Lodge
Gourmet's Delight: From Casual Cafes To First Class Restaurants On Tasmania's East Coast

Food lovers who visit the Freycinet Peninsula can rejoice in the fact that a myriad of gourmet food options lies within easy reach. From wineries to rustic seafood farms, the east coast of Tasmania is a gourmet’s delight. Here are a few of the best options to help you plan your east coast Tasmania dining experiences.

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Close up on flavors of Tasmania in shelves at Freycinet Lodge
Paddock To Plate: Visit An East Coast Farm Gate For The Freshest Produce

A highlight of any Tasmanian holiday is enjoying fresh produce bought directly from the providore. As you drive to your next sightseeing destination, keep your eyes open for the numerous roadside stalls. You may be rewarded with delicious apples, tomatoes, free-range eggs or even fragrant flowers. A visit to an east coast farm gate can easily be incorporated into your itinerary. This gives you a chance to interact directly with the farmers who proudly sell their wares on the spot.

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Dish of oysters at the Richardson’s Bistro Freycinet Lodge
Future Survival: Protect Freycinet's Wildlife By Observing From A Distance

Freycinet National Park provides numerous opportunities for you to have up close encounters with wildlife. This is a rare chance for you to view special creatures such as wallabies, possums, quolls, Tasmanian Devils, echidnas and wombats as they interact naturally in their native habitat. Therefore, it is important that you behave in ways which protect the well-being of these animals. Here are some pointers to help you enjoy Freycinet National Park without disturbing its wildlife.

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Baby Kangaroo roaming at the national park near Freycinet Lodge
Nicolas Baudin's Expedition: First Encounters Captured In Delicate Artworks

When the first European explorers began to chart and record their expeditions to Australia, they were undertaking voyages that would the equivalent of a present-day landing on Mars. A new exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (7 April – 9 July) allows us to see Australia through the eyes of these intrepid early explorers. “The Art of Science: Baudin’s Voyages 1800 – 1804” is a fascinating collection of sketches and paintings which reveal the awe with which these explorers observed the people, flora and fauna in this new land.

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East Coast Cruises beach with large rocks near Freycinet Lodge
Wildlife Bucket List: Ten Creatures To Spot In Freycinet National Park

Visitors to Freycinet National Park are usually familiar with awe-inspiring photos of The Hazards mountain range and the azure waters of Wineglass Bay. This gorgeous scenery demands exploration and most visitors are pleasantly surprised to find that this unspoilt wilderness yields plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting. Here is a bucket list of mammals and sea creatures that you should try to tick off during your stay.

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Close up on a crow flying over the sea near  Freycinet Lodge
Legacy Of Gondwana: A Unique Ecosystem In An Ancient Land

Tasmania offers you the chance to see diverse plants, animals and landscapes that cannot be found elsewhere. Traces of zircon in rocks indicate that this natural heritage is more than three billion years old. Over millions of years, the great southern landmass of Gondwana developed through volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, glaciations and river deposits. As it slowly disintegrated, Australia split from Antarctica and moved north. Tasmania was created when major fault systems occurred, shaping it into a triangle and producing its unparalleled landscape formations. For 8000 years, Tasmania has been isolated from the mainland after Bass Strait flooded. This has resulted in a unique ecosystem that attracts tourists and scientists from all over the world.

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Sky view of the beach by the mountains near the Freycinet Lodge
Grape Experience: Follow The East Coast Wine Trail From Freycinet Lodge

A visit to Freycinet Lodge would not be complete without browsing through Providore Wineglass located within the premises. This store showcases the very best of regional wines and foods. Choose a refreshing tipple from the Freycinet, Milton, Springvale or Devil’s Corner vineyards to enjoy on your balcony.

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Close up on two champagne glasses at the Freycinet Lodge
Floral Emblems: See Freycinet's Magnificent Eucalyptus When Exploring By ATV

A major drawcard for visitors to Freycinet National Park is the fact that most of its native vegetation is still intact. There are more than 500 types of plants within the park and none are more important than the Tasmanian Blue Gum which is the state’s floral emblem. Appearing on a 15¢ stamp in 1968 and a $150 gold proof coin in 1996, many visitors fail to appreciate the true significance of this majestic tree which grows straight and tall and proud in the coastal forests of Freycinet National Park .

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People riding on quad bikes at Freycinet Lodge
A Different Perspective: See Freycinet's Wildlife From A Kayak

A kayak tour allows you to see the stunning hazards backdrop and pristine coastline of Freycinet National Park from a different perspective. Appreciate the natural beauty and abundant wildlife as you paddle through crystal clear waters. Visits to secluded beaches and coves that cannot be reached by other forms of transport provide a true sense of serenity.

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People on kayaking at the bay near Freycinet Lodge
Preserving The Natural Wilderness: Freycinet Lodge's Advanced Eco-Certification Reflects Long-Term Commitment

Recently, many accommodation providers have started to pay lip service to the environment by “greenwashing” guests with messages about reusing towels and saving water. Therefore, it is refreshing to know that Freycinet Lodge has been genuinely implementing an environmental policy that balances the opportunity for tourists to enjoy this pristine wilderness with minimising its footprint on the sensitive ecosystem of the area. In 2011, these efforts were formally recognised with an Advanced Eco-Certification from Ecotourism Australia.

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A baby kangaroo at the national park near  Freycinet Lodge
Connoisseur's Delight: Indulge Your Senses at Bicheno's Food and Wine Festival

Whilst staying on the Freycinet Peninsula, be sure to enjoy some local celebrations in order to fully appreciate the region's hospitality. Visitors should definitely experience the abundance of gourmet offerings at the Bicheno Food and Wine Festival on Saturday 19th November 2016. Consistently recognised as Event of the Year by the Great Eastern Driver Tourism Awards, the Bicheno Food and Wine Festival allows you to taste the splendour of local produce with stalls showcasing oysters, crayfish, pies, paella, cheeses, wines, beers and whiskies to name but a few.

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Chef cooking & plating meals at Tasmania in Freycinet Lodge
The Striking Beauty of a Wineglass Bay Cruise

Located underneath the Hazard's Mountain range, is the beautiful Wineglass Bay. A location so isolated, you have to climb a mountain to experience it! That is, of course, unless you set to the seas on the Wineglass Bay Cruise.

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Lady with a wine glass near the Bay at Freycinet Lodge
Buried Treasure: 19th Century Shipwreck Uncovered at Friendly Beaches

When exploring Friendly Beaches in Tasmania's Freycinet National Park, you never know what you might find. The trail to Friendly Beaches is considered to be one of Tasmania’s great short walks. The beach itself is an important nesting area for birds such as oystercatchers, plovers and terns. As an added bonus, those who visit the beach in the near future may be able to glimpse an exciting piece of history. 

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Close up on a Gili weed trap near the beach at Freycinet Lodge
Magic Moments: Top 10 Things To Do At Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park is the ideal holiday destination. Whether seeking relaxation, soft adventure or an adrenaline rush, the Freycinet Peninsula caters for you. Here are the top ten activities to help you appreciate this spectacular part of the world.

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People on Kayaking at the Great Oyster Bay in  Freycinet Lodge
Great Eastern Wine Weekend 2016

The Great Eastern Wine Weekend showcases the East Coast of Tasmania’s finest food and signature drops. The two-day event held on the weekend of September 10-11 2016 offers an opportunity to explore the area’s wine region. 

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A couple having champagne at the Bay in Freycinet Lodge
A deserted beach, sand beneath my feet . . . | By Laura Wilson

There are few places one can go in this world to be surrounded by absolutely nothing, and no one. To walk along a deserted beach and hear only the sound of waves crashing against the rocks, the breeze whispering in the trees and seagulls flapping their wings as they take off into the horizon.

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The beach & a distant mountain near Freycinet Lodge
Freycinet Lodge, the Full Foodie Experience | By Laura Wilson

Tasmania’s East Coast is just full of surprises! After exploring its wonders on our amazing Wineglass Bay cruise, we decided to head back to our cabin, freshen up and relax over a nice glass of Devil’s Corner sparkling wine (East Coast Wine Trail). After a glass or two, there was very little chance that we were wandering too far. So we decided to head down to the lodge and check out the dining options on offer.

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Man pouring champagne into a vessel at the Freycinet Lodge
Light Up Your Winter Fun, Food and Frolics At Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival

Winter is a splendid time of year to be in Tasmania and there is no hotter event than the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival to be held from 15 – 17 July at Willie Smith’s Apple Shed. This is truly a family festival with children and the young at heart dressing up as kings, queens, witches, goblins and anything else that takes their fancy for the wassailing on Friday night. This ancient pagan tradition is designed to scare bad luck away and ensure a good apple harvest. Expect candlelight, clanging, shouting and lots of fun.

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Huon valley mid winter festival at Freycinet Lodge
Warm Harmonies For Cold Nights: Festival Of Voices Heats Up Tasmania's Winter

In winter, Tasmania reveals its natural beauty in all its starkness. This is also the season to catch some of the world’s best festivals, including the magical Festival of Voices from June 30th to July 17th, 2016. Held in a range of venues across Hobart, Launceston and the east coast, this is a celebration of the raw emotion of the singing voice with award-winning vocalists from Australia and abroad. Choral, a capella, jazz, gospel and contemporary are just a few of the genres on offer.

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Crowded Cold night festival at Freycinet Lodge
Coles Bay, My Sense of Place | By Laura Wilson

With Mother’s Day weekend fast approaching, I thought this was an ideal opportunity to treat my parents to a family weekend at Coles Bay, Tasmania. My intentions were mainly to earn myself honorary ‘daughter of the year’ title. However, part of me just desperately craved a chance to get away from the rat race.

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Close up on tow truck caring a car near the  Freycinet Lodge
Magical Penguin Tours At Bicheno

Visitors to Bicheno, a small town on Tasmania’s east coast, are spoilt for opportunities to commune with the local wildlife. In fact, many holiday makers find that a little penguin tour is the highlight of their holiday. These adorable little creatures come ashore immediately after dark and return to sea before dawn. The tours are conducted on a private property by volunteers who are passionate about the environment and protecting these special animals.

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Close up on penguins at night near the Freycinet Lodge
Getting Down And Dirty: Thrilling Quad Bike Adventures At Freycinet National Park

If getting down and dirty whilst enjoying stunning scenery sounds like fun, a quad biking adventure at Freycinet National Park will be the highlight of your holiday. From eucalypt forest to the coast, you’ll gain some knowledge about the natural wonders of the park whilst visiting lesser known beauty spots that are inaccessible by other means. All levels of experience can be catered for.

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People riding on quad bikes at Freycinet Lodge
Dancing Up A Storm: Cultural Mayhem At Hobart's Dark Mofo Festival

Tasmania is increasingly recognised as a centre for arts and culture with a busy calendar of events throughout the year. One of the highlights is Hobart’s Dark Mofo Festival which combines a convivial mix of feasting, art, theatre and music. This is experimentation at its best with participants being challenged to see beauty in life’s darker aspects.

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Crowded MOFO festival at Freycinet Lodge
Close Encounters Of The Cute Kind: Interact With Tasmanian Wildlife At East Coast Natureworld

Tasmania is a paradise for nature lovers and you are sure to see lots of wildlife during your travels. If you want to learn more about these animals, or see some of Tasmania’s more elusive creatures up close, East Coast Natureworld in Bicheno provides an amazing experience.

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Close up on kangaroo at Tasmania wildlife near Freycinet Lodge
The Roaming Redhead's Adventures of Freycinet Continue...

For a further taste of Tasmania, pop into Providore Wineglass. This charming little store is located just opposite reception and filled to the brim with delicious local produce, such as jams, chutneys, sauces and handmade sweet treats. There are also crafty gifts made from Tasmanian wood and boutique alcoholic beverages from nearby breweries and vineyards. You'll definitely want to take something away with you as a souvenir or gift.

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An inventory display shelf at the shop near Freycinet Lodge
The Roaming Redhead visits Freycinet Lodge

Kate has been in the travelling the world since 2011 and is currently working her way around Australia. In 2015 Kate started a travel blog to provide honesty, comedy, inspiration and advice. We have been lucky enough to have Kate visit Freycinet Lodge and share some of her experiences along the way.

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The jetty with the Great Oyster Bay at Freycinet Lodge
Appetite for Excellence Finalist - Chris Howard

The Freycinet Lodge team is proud to say that one of our own, Chef Chris Howard has been announced as a finalist in the 2016 Appetite for Excellence Awards. Chris is a finalist in the 'Electrolux Australian young Chef' award.

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A chef in a prep station of a restaurant at Freycinet Lodge
Flying Colours: Bird Watching Paradise At Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park abounds with wildlife. Amateur and serious birdwatchers alike will be transfixed by the beautiful varieties of feathered friends that live here. With its lake, forest and ocean landscapes, Freycinet provides an excellent home for one hundred and forty-seven bird species. Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos, Green Rosellas, White Bellied Sea Eagles, Scarlet Robins, Shining Bronze Cuckoos and Golden Whistlers are just some of the colourful species to be found in the area.

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Close up on crow flying at the sea near  Freycinet Lodge
Oyster Heaven: Fresh Seafood And Marine Farm Tour In Freycinet

Tasmania is world-renowned for its locally-produced food specialties with seafood options being high on the list for most holiday makers. Freycinet Marine Farm will satisfy your cravings with its perfect mix of laid-back, outdoor dining and fresh seafood. Set in a rustic atmosphere, visitors can linger over menu offerings served with fine local wines or buy takeaway seafood that is cooked or uncooked. Each dish is truly a celebration of the ingredients themselves with items such as oysters, mussels, abalone and salmon being prepared perfectly without overwhelming flavours to distract from their freshness.

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Close up on an oyster kept on a hand near the Freycinet Lodge
Think Pink: Glorious Rose-Tinted Hues Of The Hazards On Freycinet Peninsula

The Freycinet Peninsula has white sandy beaches, rugged headlands, granite peaks and small coves. Visitors can take in this magnificent scenery on short or long walking tracks in the National Park, by boat or by air. One of the most striking features of the area is the pink-hued mountain range known as The Hazards which rises above the pretty coastal town of Coles Bay. When the angle of the sun is low, photographers can capture the stunning red and pink glow of these four massive granite mounds.

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Hazards mountain range with the Bay at Freycinet Lodge