Close up on an oyster kept on a hand near the Freycinet Lodge

Oyster Heaven: Fresh Seafood And Marine Farm Tour In Freycinet

Tasmania is world-renowned for its locally-produced food specialties with seafood options being high on the list for most holiday makers. Freycinet Marine Farm will satisfy your cravings with its perfect mix of laid-back, outdoor dining and fresh seafood. Set in a rustic atmosphere, visitors can linger over menu offerings served with fine local wines or buy takeaway seafood that is cooked or uncooked. Each dish is truly a celebration of the ingredients themselves with items such as oysters, mussels, abalone and salmon being prepared perfectly without overwhelming flavours to distract from their freshness.

For ocean-fresh seafood in a casual setting, Freycinet Marine Farm is one of Tasmania’s special experiences. A tour gives a fascinating insight into the complex steps involved in producing world class oysters. It also highlights how incredibly lucky visitors are to enjoy produce from such a clean, environmentally-friendly operation. 

Image credit: Tourism Tasmania and Andrew Wilson