Close up on seared tasmanian scallops dish at Freycinet Lodge

Seared Tasmanian scallops

With celeriac puree, charred leeks and coffee gel

From Trent Thompson, head chef, Freycinet Lodge


100g fresh Tasmanian scallops

Celeriac puree

200g celeriac
50g potato
½ onion
20g butter
150ml chicken stock 
50ml cream

Charred leaks

2 x 2cm slices of leek (white part)
10ml olive oil

Coffee gel

1 shot of espresso
Enough xantham gum to thicken to gel

Pickled celeriac

2 x thin slices of celeriac
Small amount of vinegar
Pickling spices


Slice celeriac very fine with mandolin. Mix vinegar sugar and pickling spices until happy with flavour. Place sliced celeriac in solution for at least two hours. Clean scallops and remove side muscle and lightly season. Place leek slices in sou vide bag with olive oil seal and sou vide until tender.

Thicken espresso with xanthan gum by making a paste with a small amount of both and adding to espresso.

Peel and roughly dice celeriac, potato and onion. Lightly sauté in butter without any colour in small saucepan. Cover with chicken stock and simmer until very soft.

Place in food processor and puree until very fine. Add a small amount of cream, salt and pepper (do not add all liquid from saucepan, only add until right consistency).

To serve:

Char leaks on griddle pan. Spoon celeriac puree onto plate.

In a hot thick-bottomed pan quickly sear scallops. Position on plate with pickled celeriac charred leek and gel.

You can use a very small amount of ground coffee to garnish and add celery tops.