Distant view of Cape Tourville Lighthouse near Freycinet Lodge

Freycinet Attractions

Enjoy the wonderful and colourful local attractions of this magnificent area when you stay with us at Freycinet Lodge. There is so much to do in Freycinet National Park and on the east coast of Tasmania, here are some of our top suggestions. 

Aerial view of Freycinet National Park at Freycinet Lodge

Friendly Beaches: The Friendly Beaches (20 minutes' drive from Freycinet Lodge) forms part of Freycinet National Park and is 9km of pristine scenery and sand. Fishing and surfing are two popular pastimes, but if you're entering the water, please be aware that this is an unpatrolled beach and conditions can be dangerous.

Wineglass Bay: One of Australia's most famous and recognisable beaches. Enjoy the climb to the Wineglass Bay lookout, the walk on the beach itself or the Hazards Circuit if you feel like exploring further. For those who prefer to cruise, we can recommend joining a Wineglass Bay Cruise.

Cape Tourville Lighthouse: With stupendous coastal views of the Freycinet National Park, this very easy walk provides a great alternative for those who don't feel inclined to tackle the steep hill on the Wineglass Bay lookout walk. Located just 5 minutes' drive from the Lodge.

Honeymoon Bay Walk: It is well worth the short stroll at the far end of the property. It's the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

Couple looks at Cape Tourville Lighthouse near Freycinet Lodge