Providore Wineglass

Providore Wineglass is a tribute to Tasmania's top quality produce, especially those of the East Coast of the state.  Located inside Freycinet Lodge, Providore Wineglass is open seven days a week to all visitors to Freycinet National Park.

Providore Wineglass at Freycinet Lodge
Providore Store at Freycinet Lodge
Tasmanian wine at the Providore WIneglass
Jewellery at the Providore
Products at the Providore

Celebrating Local Produce

We're very proud of the produce Tasmania has to offer and just as importantly, the people behind it.  We have carefully selected a range of products that represent different parts of our state, yet focus on as many local producers as possible.  

Every year, thousands of people travel to the Freycinet National Park and in particular, Wineglass Bay.  We are very fortunate at Freycinet Lodge, to have a location that is second to none, sitting inside the Freycinet National Park in a stunning waterfront setting.  Our little Providore Wineglass aims to be a store for hikers about to hit the trail, a place of tasting and learning for interested visitors, a pantry for locals and the perfect stop to find a gift for home.

When you're next visiting the Freycinet National Park, please call in and enjoy a tasting at Providore Wineglass.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Providore Wineglass' opening hours?

The opening hours for Providore are 7am to 9pm. If you need supplies outside of these hours please contact reception.

Is there a cost to visit Providore Wineglass?

There is no cost to visit Providore and sample the available products on offer.

Are all the products in the Providore Tasmanian?

The vast majority of products at Providore are Tasmanian, however you will find that just a few outsiders have snuck in!

Do I need a parks pass to visit the Providore?

If you are only visiting Freycinet Lodge as a day visitor and are not going on any walks or anywhere else in the park, you do not need a National Parks pass.

What tastings are available and what is the cost associated?

Providore tastings are complimentary and are always available during opening hours. The available tastings will vary depending on our feature products. 

Providore Wineglass

Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay TAS 7215

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